Thursday, 27 September 2012

Not fooling yourself: the quiz!

Question one:
do you 'let ideas die in your place'? That is, do you have a positive attitude towards criticism and not take realising you're wrong personally?

Question two:
Are you optimistic that problems have solutions?

Question three:
Do you actively seek criticism of your ideas?

Question four:
Do you have some, at least a basic, understanding of logic, reasoning and argument

Question five:
Do you have a lot of strongly held beliefs: 

yes, one's I've thought a lot about consciously 
yes, one's I've thought a bit about
yes, but I don't realise it because they're all inexplicit beliefs

Question six:

Think of your three mostly highly regarded theories. Got them? Good. How many hard criticisms have you had challenge each in the last 6 months?

Question seven:
Do you, in large, have the same beliefs as your peers? If so, which came first, the peers of the beliefs?

Question Eight:
how often do you have a good debate or discussion, or read something to a similar effect?

Question Nine:
Do you have at least one friend who'll eagerly try to tell you why you're wrong about stuff?

Question Ten: 
Think of a few of your intellectual idols. People who have influenced your own thoughts. Can you readily think of problems you believe there are with their work?

Question Eleven:
Are you willing to think of bold solutions to problems and not just sit on the fence, where you'll be more prone to fallacies of common sense?

Question Twelve:
Do you frequently have Socratic episodes in which you realise that you are naiver or more ignorant than you thought?

Question Thirteen:
Do you think you did well on this test?

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